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Business Ethernet

Cyberlink’s Business Ethernet Service is a transparent transport service that utilizes an Ethernet / MPLS fiber network based on a hybrid layer 2 and is characterized by high availability with very low latency.

Highest quality

The Business Ethernet Service is available all over Switzerland and is based on a high quality fiber optic network. The development costs for building an independent fiber optic connection are completely taken over by Cyberlink, at over 600 locations in Switzerland. Unlike FTTH offers (fiber to the home), these connections are based on a separate, dedicated business network.

Maximum availability

CyberLink guarantees the availability of services to 99.97% and compensates any non-compliance with a billing credit. High availability is ensured by the use of redundant, active components (router / switch). Internal security can also be achieved, by using several fibers routing through different paths in a building (second path backup).


The Business Ethernet Service can be used in different ways and is suitable as a high-quality access to the Internet as well as for multi-site networking or high-performance access to a data center. The Worknet option also enables international locations, home offices and mobile users to be connected securely to your corporate network.

Overview Business Ethernet Services

    Standard Premium
Support Availability   GOLD Mo-Sa 08:00-20:00 PLATIN Mo-So 00:00-24:00
Service Availability   99.90% 99.97%
Layer 2 and Layer 3 Network   yes yes
Recovery time   4h 4h
Worknet - IP VPN possible   yes yes
No building - development costs with fiber at over 600 locations   yes yes
Guaranteed bandwidth   yes yes
Latency   2-5 ms 2-5 ms
Number of fiber   2 2x2
Layer 2 Features:
QinQ, Jumbo Frames,  Point-to-Point, Multipoint-to-Multipoint, Rooted Multipoint 
  yes yes
Bandwidth   4 - 1'000 Mbit/s 4 - 1'000 Mbit/s
Monthly Recurring Charge
in CHF excl. VAT
  Standard with managed CPE
SLA guaranteed 99.9%
fromCHF 400.-
Premium with managed CPE
SLA guaranteed 99.97%
from CHF 930.-

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