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Tier-3 High-End Datacenter Services in Switzerland

“Quality datacenter services, for Cyberlink’s clients, which also enable National and International suppliers to provide ‘best in class colocation and access services’ to their customers across Switzerland”


Cyberlink co-location is ideal for when you want to use outsourced dedicated Rackspace for yourself. You get round the clock secured access via a personalized badge. Co-location provides you with a fast connectivity connection, climate control, emergency and fire monitoring with an extinguishing device and monitored access control. At the same time you get flexibility in terms of scalability, service and support.

Maximum Security: Our data centers are built on a seven-stage safety concept. They are monitored around the clock (7x24) both by cameras and security personnel. All building spaces are alarmed with no one allowed to enter the building, without formal permission. Our highly advanced safety systems include contactless badge cards, biometric readers and traffic separation systems.

Highest Standards: Our data centers operate to the highest requirements. They meet FINMA Circular 08/7 (Outsourcing banks) directives, as well as ISO27001 and BSI certification to BS 25999 (supplement to ISO 27001).

Power supply: We offer a fail-safe redundant power supply with two different power connections and a guaranteed availability of up to 99.999%.

100% carbon neutral: The electricity generated is CO2 neutral, 100% renewable energy with remaining CO2 emissions being compensated by ‘myclimate’ and is certified.

Cooling: The datacenter temperature is in accordance with the recommendations of ASHRAE 2012 standards, keeping the operational environment constant at 24 ° C and the humidity at 50%.

Cold Cube containment: Keeping operating equipment cool increases the life of your IT infrastructure and reduces downtime. The racks Cyberlink uses have a width of 750mm and a depth of 1200mm offering more free room for wiring. Thereby, the air flow is improved for cooling and the usable area is increased.

Fire alarm systems and control: Premium protection from fire by fire walls, early fire detection system (VESDA) and fire alarm system. Automatic alerting of the fire brigade whilst fire extinguishing by means of INERGEN® gas extinguishing systems which perform without leaving any residue and 100% environmentally neutral.

Lower costs: Daily operational (Opex) costs can be reduced, as well as the required space for the IT infrastructure inside your company. In contrast to building your own dedicated server room or data center, you pay only for the space you need. This brings lower costs overall.

Overview Co-Location Services

  1/4 Rack 1/2 Rack 1 Rack
Support availability SILBER Mo-Fr 08:00-18:00
GOLD Mo-Sa 08:00-20:00
PLATIN Mo-So 00:00-24:00
SILBER Mo-Fr 08:00-18:00
GOLD Mo-Sa 08:00-20:00
PLATIN Mo-So 00:00-24:00
SILBER Mo-Fr 08:00-18:00
GOLD Mo-Sa 08:00-20:00
PLATIN Mo-So 00:00-24:00
Rack height units 11 23 48
Dimensions 1‘200mm Depth / 750mm Width 1‘200mm Depth / 750mm Width 1‘200mm Depth / 750mm Width
Internet Connect 100 -1'000 Mbit/s 100 -1'000 Mbit/s 100 -1'000 Mbit/s
Cold Cube yes yes yes
24 hours access yes yes yes
Power Redundancy yes yes yes
Redundancy USV yes yes yes
INERGEN®- Gas extinguishing systems yes yes yes
Redundant Cooling yes yes yes
Corresponds FINMA Directive RS 08/7 yes yes yes
ISO 27001 certified yes yes yes
Monthly Recurring Charge in CHF excl. VAT and Power cost from CHF 440.- from CHF 760.- from CHF 1'290.-



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