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Worknet - IP VPN

Encryption services

As part of Cyberlink’s strong focus on security, high level encryption of data is also available, with up to 256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). This is a symmetrical coding method which requires the encryption and decryption codes to be the same.  Any unauthorized attempts to access the encrypted data results in a stream of illegible nonsense being presented, instead of the real data it hides. By using 256 bit AES encryption to back up data, only the key holder (you, the customer) will be able to access your critical information.

How secure?

The length of characters used in an encryption key code determines the ability to break (crack) the code.  Longer keys therefore result in an exponential growth in the time it would actually take to crack the code created, in the unlikely event that data ever did get intercepted.

Overview Worknet Service Client2Site

For networking individual user ( Secure Remote Access ) at home and abroad

VPN Technology IPSec or SSL - -
Encoding AES 128 Bit up to 256 Bit - -
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7 or higher
Mac OSX 10.8 or higher
iOS 6 or higher
Android 2.4 or higher
- -
Monthly Recurring Charge in CHF
excl. VAT

from CHF 80.-
-  -



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