Peering Policy.

Cyberlink interconnects its IP network with other Internet backbone providers on a settlement-free basis, if such interconnection provides tangible benefits to Cyberlink and its customers. Our peering policy is open, that means we peer with everyone who wants to peer with us. We do not ask for a written contract, however, we will sign a contract if the content does not conflict with our peering policy. There are a few basics we assume you can agree to:

  • Peer may only send traffic from its network and its down streams to us and may not give (partial) transit.
  • Peer may only send traffic for prefixes we announce. Especially, setting default routes (last resort) towards us is not permitted.
  • Peer must operate a Network Operations Center (NOC) which we can contact on a 7x24h basis by email or phone if necessary.
  • Peer shall cooperate in case of network abuse. On occurrence of denial of service attacks, peer shall implement filters upon request.
  • Routes shall be aggregated as much as possible. We will not accept any announcement smaller than /24.
  • Routes must be registered at any well known IRR (e.g. RIPE) using a route object.
  • We reserve the right to filter routes based on those databases.
  • Peer shall enforce routing integrity by means of filters to its customers.


Peering Information.


You can peer with Cyberlink in the following locations.

 Location  AS  IPv4  IPv6
 InterxionZurich   Switzerland
 15623   2001:7F8:24::37
 Equinix 5 Zurich   Switzerland 
 15623  2001:7F8:24::F
 Equinix Internet   Exchange
 Equinix 5 Zurich   Switzerland       
 15623  2001:7F8:C:8235:194:42:48:3  



We recommend a prefix limit of 200 for IPv4 and 200 for IPv6. Currently, we announce about 50 prefixes.


If you would like to peer with us, please contact us via and provide us with the following information.

  • Peering point(s)
  • Your IP address
  • Your AS
  • MD5 password
  • Your 7x24h NOC contact data (email, phone, contact persons)
  • Your recommended prefix limit

Network Operations Center (NOC).